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TroubledTeen101.com is a small company, staffed by a capable management team, editorial board, and a handful of other employees. Our staff brings experience from several distinctly different areas, contributing writing and internet research expertise, as well as thoughtful, goal-oriented management.

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Our primary goal at TroubledTeen101.com is to educate our users. Through our extensive database of online troubled teen programs and our collection of informative articles we hope to help our viewers make educated decisions about parenting of troubled teens.

What We Do
Our web site represents years of research, resulting in an extensive collection of program reviews, informative articles, helpful links and other resources to help educate our users about private boarding schools, troubled teen programs, and other youth homes.

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While our primary goal is to educate and serve our users, we have to pay the bills too. How do we do this? We will place ads on our site that we feel are appropriate to the site content.

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