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Troubled Teen Boarding Schools

There are many types of boarding school options available to parents: Christian Boarding School, Military Boarding Schools, Traditional, Specialty, and Therapeutic Boarding Schools. This article will compare some of these troubled teen boarding school options.


Traditional Boarding Schools :

Contains no therapy and limited structure and supervision.

Military Boarding School or Military Schools :

Typically, contains no therapy and provides great structure in a military environment and style.

Christian Boarding School :

May contain therapy, but not always. Provides structure and supervision and focused on bible teachings.

Specialty Boarding School or Behavior Modification Schools :

Some contain therapy - most for an additional cost. Can provide great structure and lasting results through a rewards based system where students advance to levels and gain privileges. These private schools can be effective.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools and Treatment Programs :

For more extreme cases where teens need therapy. These programs can cost more, but the results are proven over time. Providing structure with a therapeutic component which may contain either group sessions, individual therapy sessions, or a combination of both.

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