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Teen Behavior Contracts

What are teen behavior contracts? Sometimes called: Parent Teen Contracts, Child Behavior Contracts, Student Contracts, Behavior Charts, etc. This article will review what teen behavior contracts are and why parent contracts work.


While programs for troubled teens can cost anywhere from $3000/month to $7500/month depending on the type, location, therapy, and other factors - parent teen contracts are much more cost effective and worth a try in your home.

Behavior contracts set ground rules for home-life with your child or teen.  Some are for all ages that include chores charts while others are more specific to teens with driving contracts, dating contracts, and behavior agreements.  We have found a set of contracts that should cover all your needs in discussing these ground rules with your child. ParentContracts.com offers behavior contracts that cover nearly every topic. 

For under $20 you receive a Parent Introduction that explains each section in detail and how to use it. The parent teen contracts and child behavior contracts are filled out for the most part, but leave some blanks to be filled out for each family situation.  Includes a chores chart, dating contract, teen driving contract, behavior contract, privileges worksheet, family values worksheet, and more.

Why Do Parent Contracts Work?

Parent contracts work the same way as some youth programs.  They define the rules clearly.  Next, they define the consequences.  The consequences for breaking the behavior contracts / agreements usually depend on what the parent specifies, but work best when more severe for repeat offenses.  Many successful troubled youth programs work through a rewards and privileges system where the youth lose privileges after an offense and must earn it back through good behavior. 

Many therapists and professionals that work with youth suggest using parent child/teen contracts in the home before trying more severe options.  For less than $20 we feel it's an investment that is certainly worth a try.  You can also view more information on teen driving contracts for teen drivers at TeenDrivingContract.com. The site includes instructions on how to make a teen driver contract.

Child Behavior Charts

We have also found that behavior modification charts can work as well. Please visit the link for Child Behavior Charts.

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