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Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Teens

If you are a parent looking for residential treatment centers for troubled teens, you have come to the right place to learn more about these treatment options. Parents often wonder about residential treatment centers for troubled teens because they are simply at a loss what to do next.


As any parent with teens knows, the teenage years can be a tumultuous time for both the teen and especially the parents. While most teens are known for being moody and occasionally rebellious, it can get to a point where parents are unable to handle their out-of-control teen. This is when  it might be a good idea to consider sending your teen to residential treatment centers for troubled teens. There are a variety of different types of centers for a variety of different teens with varying personalities and day-to-day struggles. Teens act out in various ways. Some do so by being insolent, disrespectful and verbally or physically abusive. However, some teens may take their out-of-control behavior in a different direction by skipping school, failing classes, drinking alcohol or even doing drugs. This is why there are different types of residential treatment centers for troubled teens. Keep reading to get a good idea of the different types of residential treatment centers for troubled teens and how to find the best type for your teen. 

Types of residential treatment centers for troubled teens:

There are a variety of different types of residential treatment centers. Some focus more on building self-esteem while others take a more dramatic approach toward discipline. Because there are so many different reasons as to why teens act out in various ways, these different treatment centers take different approaches depending on the need of the teen. For example, some teens have low self-esteem and may have found themselves the victim of bullying. Because of this attack on themselves, they don't know how to cope and instead take their hurt, anger and frustrations on their family; in essence bullying them instead. That is why some residential treatment centers for troubled teens will take more of a therapeutic approach and will focus on getting the teen the help they need to cope with their emotional struggles and how to appropriately express their anger through anger management skills and coping skills. 

There are residential treatment centers that operate from an actual facility or wellness center. This would be similar to a clinic, but might have a more lived-in feel. The teens might be required to do chores around the establishment by cleaning, helping with lawn care or doing dishes and cooking. There are also treatment centers that are a little less traditional. There are often programs for troubled teens that take a different approach to teaching teens life skills including how to be respectful and how to be obedient. These programs might include spending time in the wilderness. Wilderness programs for troubled teens are a similar approach and teach teens life skills while teaching them that it could be much worse than living at home and going to school each day and trying to succeed in life. There are so many different types of these centers. It is best to research each kind individually to find out cost of the program and which type will work best for your troubled teen.

Who should consider a residential treatment center for their troubled teen?

Many parents might be concerned about sending their teen to a residential treatment center, however if their behavior is reaching epic proportions and the parent is simply unable to handle their teen anymore, it is time to consider alternative treatment. Many parents who do not take this approach later find that their teen  has gotten into trouble with the law and the teen ends up facing time in a juvenile detention center. In order to avoid letting the child's behavior get to this point, it is better to take a preventative measure and enroll your teen into a residential treatment center. Allow the professionals to deal with your child's out-of-control behavior. Some teens might have already developed addictions or problems with drugs and alcohol. Many of these residential treatment centers for troubled teens are better equipped to handle these situations and get your teen on the road to recovery. 

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